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Photo: Norwegian Seafood Council/Studio Dreyer-Hensley.Photo: Norwegian Seafood Council/Studio Dreyer-Hensley
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fisheries.no is Norway’s official site for information about seafood safety, fisheries and aquaculture management. Fisheries.no is provided by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries in cooperation with the Directorate of Fisheries, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, the Institute of Marine Research and the National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research.

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Safe & healthy seafood // 19.03.2013 //

The Norwegian health authorities’ general recommendation is to increase the consumption of fish, both for dinner and as spread. This recommendation applies especially to those who currently eat no or very little fish as part of their diet.

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Ecosystems & stocks // 19.03.2013 //

The North East arctic cod is estimated to be four times larger than it was 25 years ago. This development would not have been possible without the close and constructive fisheries cooperation between Russia and Norway.

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Safe & healthy seafood // 14.02.2014 //

Seafood is a natural part of a balanced diet. It contains high levels of several important nutrients ( and thus helps us maintain a good nutritional status, important for our health).

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Photo: Institute of Marine Research.
Resource management // 13.03.2010 //

Resource control in Norway is directed at the entire chain, from the point in time when the fish is caught in the sea, through its storage and sale and to its export abroad. The dominant goal of marine resource management is to aid a sound fisheries policy founded on long-term thinking, profitability and sustainable harvesting of marine life.

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