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Other institutions governing the field of seafood safety

08.03.2010 // The Norwegian Medicines Agency, the Norwegian Climate and Pollution Agency and NOFIMA are concerned with seafood safety from different aspects.


The Norwegian Medicines Agency

The Norwegian Medicines Agency gives marketing permission, approves and keeps updated lists of medicines and medical disinfection agents for use in fish and in aquaculture. Recommendations for retention times prior to slaughtering for the respective medicines and fish species are made on threshold values for veterinary preparations in animal production ment for human consumption. The treshold values are stipulated by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority on the basis of current EU law.


Norwegian Climate and Pollution Agency

The Norwegian Climate and Pollution Agency implements governmental programmes for pollution monitoring for environmental toxins along the Norwegian coast, in harbours and fjords and in freshwater fish.



Nofima Mat works with various aspects of processing foods of marine and terrestrial origin: health aspects, raw materials quality and processing, food safety, industrial gastronomy, product development, consumer research, sensory perception and innovation.


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