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Area management

Norway has established three zones of 200 nautical miles: an exclusive economic zone around the Norwegian mainland (the Norwegian Exclusive Economic Zone), a fishery protection zone around Svalbard and a fishery zone around Jan Mayen. Read more

Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On 15 September 2010, a treaty between Norway and Russia regarding the bilateral maritime delimitation in the Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean was signed by Foreign Ministers Jonas Gahr Støre and Sergei Lavrov in Murmansk. Read more

Photo: Institute of Marine Research.

Integrated management plans has been established for the Norwegian part of the Barents Sea and the sea areas outside the Lofoten Islands, the Norwegian Sea and the Norwegian part of the North Sea and Skagerrak. In sum these three plans covers all Norwegian sea areas. Read more

Photo: Scanfishphoto.

The Norwegian coast is unique. Not counting Svalbard , the coast is 21 000 km long, which is half the length of the equator. However, taking into account all the islands along the coast, the coastline would be 83 000 km, twice the length the circumference of the earth. Read more