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Photo: The Norwegian Seafood Export Council.Photo: The Norwegian Seafood Export Council

The economics of rebuilding fisheries

30.09.2010 // The programme of work of the OECD fisheries committee for 2009-2011 includes an ongoing project concerning the economics of rebuilding fisheries. The focus of the OECD study is on the economic and institutional aspects of rebuilding fish stocks.

The study has two objectives: 

  • To identify the economic, social and institutional factors underlying successful stock recovery programmes based on the experiences of OECD countries in the design, implementation and outcome of stock rebuilding programmes
  • To develop a set of best practice guidelines for the design and implementation of stock recovery programmes.  

The project will cover both targeted stock rebuilding programmes and rebuilding objectives under broader fisheries management plans in OECD countries, selected non-OECD economies and RFMOs to which OECD countries are parties. Case studies will encompass both successful and unsuccessful programmes in order to develop lessons and policy insights. 

In conjunction with the development of an issues paper and case studies, an inventory will be established of national policies and approaches to stock rebuilding programmes in OECD countries and RFMOs to which OECD countries are parties. The inventory will compile information on the policy and legal framework that is used in each country to provide the institutional structure within which stock rebuilding programmes are designed and implemented. 

A review of the Norwegian policies and approaches to stock rebuilding programmes that were submitted to the fisheries division of the OECD in September 2009 is available here


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