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Photo: The Norwegian Seafood Export Council.Photo: The Norwegian Seafood Export Council

On the Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy

30.09.2010 // The Commission Green Paper on the Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy gives a holistic and sincere assessment of the current challenges facing the European fisheries sector.

There are a number of differences between the Norwegian and EC fisheries policies. However, we share the vision of a single future fisheries policy. Furthermore, we jointly manage our shared stocks in the North Sea and we are partners to the coastal state agreements on herring, blue whiting and mackerel in the north-eastern Atlantic. The future CFP is an important issue for Norway and we share many of the challenges facing the EC. 

Some of the management solutions that have been developed for the Norwegian fisheries have proved to be efficient tools with which to overcome some of these challenges. Obviously, measures and instruments that are adequate in our waters are not automatically transferable to other areas. We recognise that some of the challenges facing the Community are by their very nature different from those facing Norway, and our experience in dealing with certain issues might be limited. It is, however, our hope that certain parts of the Norwegian management system – with the necessary adaptations – might inspire the EC in its reflections and efforts to reform the CFP. 

The Green Paper raises a number of questions. We have focused on those issues where we believe our experience can be of interest and where we hopefully can make a useful and relevant contribution. 

Further information about the Norwegian comments to the Commission Green Paper on the Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (2009) is available here.



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