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The responsibility of foreign vessels

06.10.2010 // Foreign vessels wanting to fish in areas subject to Norwegian fisheries jurisdiction must have a licence and are obliged to report their catches to The Directorate of Fisheries.

The reporting obligation means that the vessels must report what catches they have on board when they enter the Norwegian zone. In addition, the vessels must report weekly what catches they have made. They must also report when they exit the Norwegian zone, and what catches they have taken on board since their last report. 

A paramount regional resource control work has been organised in project form within The Directorate of Fisheries. Two regions, Troms and Møre og Romsdal, have been given the responsibility for delimited parts of the control work in each part of the country.

The seagoing resource control is one of the fields in which there is a need for a better coordination and cross-regional management. The goal is to facilitate flexible and good exploitation of the overall control resources including the expertise at the regional offices.

Better coordination and cross-regional management will facilitate a bigger "punch" when necessary relevant seagoing control can collaborate with control measures on shore. Control on shore and at sea can be coordinated where there is a need.

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