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Setting quotas

The Norwegian system for quota allocation and regulation – a regulatory chain The regulatory system for fisheries management in Norway is an interactive and iterative process based on incremental changes. Read more

Commercial fishers as well as foreign tourists and Norwegians who engage in recreational sea fishing in Norway, are required to comply with the minimum fish sizes for different species. Read more

Photo: fiskeri.no.

Around 90 per cent of Norway’s fisheries are based on stocks that are shared with other states. For the majority of the most important fish stocks, quota levels are set through international negotiations. Norway has a series of agreements with adjacent countries. Read more

Photo: Norwegian Seafood Export Council.

The Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs introduced an export quota on fish and fish products as of 1 June 2006. The quota limits the volume of marine fish or fish products from sport fishing that may be exported from Norway to 15 kg of fish filets per person.   Read more

Photo: Kjell-Tore Sivertsen, Scanfishphoto.

Over the past 30 years the Norwegian fishing industry has developed from unregulated fishing to a sustainable and regulated industry subject to quotas and licensing systems. Read more