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Ensuring seafood safety

Photo: Photo: Tom Haga (c) Norwegian Seafood Export Council.

It is important for the Norwegian government to ensure that the consumers have access to safe and healthy seafood of good quality. Food safety and quality is a shared responsibility of all the stakeholders throughout the entire chain of production. Read more

Photo: Photo: The National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research.

The main objective for the Norwegian authorities is to ensure food safety through monitoring of undesirable substances, microorganisms and parasites in wild-caught and farmed seafood, as well as in fish feed. Below is a list of the seafood monitoring programmes in force in Norway. Read more

The responsibility to ensure safe feed for food producing animals and consequently safe food lies with the operators at any stage of the food chain. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority carries out official control to ensure that the operators operate in accordance with Norwegian and EU legislation. . Read more

The production and harvesting of molluscs is monitored by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. There are approximately 250 production sites for the production and harvesting of live bivalve molluscs along the Norwegian coast. Read more