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Photo: The Norwegian Seafood Export Council.Photo: The Norwegian Seafood Export Council

Norwegian seafood safety

14.02.2014 // Seafood is highly regarded for its health benefits. Fish and fish products are a source of many essential nutrients such as protein, iodine, selenium, vitamin B12 and marine n-3 fatty acids. In addition, fatty fish provides vitamin D.

The consumption of fish in general is important in preventing and impeding the development of cardiovascular disease, and recent documentation indicates that consumption of lean fish may also have a preventive effect on type 2 diabetes. Research and clinical trials are ongoing in Europe and the USA to ascertain the variety of effects that marine omega-3 fatty acids have on health, including mental health, obesity and bone health. However, extensive randomised intervention trials are required to establish convincing evidence for the beneficial effects of seafood.

The general Norwegian recommendation is to eat more fish, both for dinner and on bread. Based on a comprehensive assessment of scientific documentation of the positive health effects of eating fish and the presence of potentially health damaging substances in seafood, as well as on knowledge of fish and other seafood in the Norwegian diet, the Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety supports this recommendation. This recommendation applies especially to those who currently do not eat fish or who eat only very little fish.

The Norwegian government considers it very important that all seafood products offered to the consumer are safe. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority is responsible for establishing regulations, operating monitoring programmes and conducting inspections in order to ensure this goal. All producers or wholesalers of food are required to comply in full with these regulations. On behalf of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, the National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research in Norway each year carries out analyses to assess the presence of nutrients and possible undesirable substances, pathogenic agents or certain bacteria.

This section provides information about the health benefits of seafood and the importance of monitoring and analysis of undesirable substances in order to ensure safe seafood. It also provides information on the laws and regulations that are in place to ensure that the seafood offered to consumers is safe.



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